• Funds (One Day bank balance certificate) etc. to be shown only for 1st year of costs.
  • English Proof Letter form School – No IELTS / TOEFL test required.
  • One Time Application and Visa Processing Feed of around 400 SGD (14000INR).
  • Generally Students get the job before they complete their course or they have an extension of 8-12 months to search for the jobs after the completion of their course.
  • More than 500 + Companies tie up to take are students and University helps students in placement after the successful completion of the course.
  • Airfare quite cheap starting from 9000-12000 (Including taxes and one way) giving open options to students to spend vacation on home.
  • No racial discrimination as many indians already working in singapore.
No.1 Mbbs study in singapore consultancy No.1 Mbbs study in singapore consultancy
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