Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy

The University was founded in 2001 It was first Kharkiv Veterinary institute and later in 2001 it was granted the University status. It has students from more than 78 counties including India, Poland, Mongolia, Nigeria, Ghana, Eastern European countries. It is the higher school of veterinary Medicine in Ukraine. There are 30 departments at the Academy, and it gives possibility to work in Veterinary clinics, Large animal breeding farms, meat processing factories, laboratories of veterinary – sanitation. The structure of the institute consisted of the two faculties: Veterinary and Zootechnic.

Why choose Ukraine for Veterinary Medicine

Recognition & Accreditation

Kharkiv State zoo veterinary Academy is recognized by Veterinary Council of INDIA (VCI).

Admission Requirement

Documents Required for Admission & Visa

Note : NO FMGE EXAM Required in INDIA

How to do BVSc Abroad

If you wish to do BVSc abroad then choose Ukraine. Ukraine is the eastern European country, and its degree is valid worldwide. The fee is also very low, and the cost of living is also low as compared to other European countries. The medium of teaching veterinary course in Ukraine is full English and Kharkiv state Zoo Veterinary University. The University is VCI recognized veterinary university in Ukraine and No entrance exam required. Ukraine is the cheapest place to study veterinary medicine in Europe and Kharkiv State Zoo Veterinary Academy is the cheapest veterinary school in Europe

Veterinary Scope in Abroad

There is more demand of Veterinary doctors in Europe, USA, UK, NZ and Gulf counties as these countries facing a lot of shortage of Veterinary Doctors.

The job Veterinary Doctor gets in these countries is must better and highly paid than the MBBS Doctor. Salary of a Veterinary Doctor in Abroad are as below : 

Veterinary College in Russia

The veterinary colleges in Russia are teaching in Russian language so it’s not suitable for Indian students. It’s better to choose Ukraine where the medium of teaching is English throughout.

Which is the best country for veterinary?

As per the Language, Climate and Cost, Ukraine is the best country in Europe to study Veterinary Medicine.