Should I Repeat NEET Again or Should I Go Abroad for MBBS in 2022?

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is scheduled on May 05 in the year 2022. Just like every year, millions of MBBS aspirants would appear in the examination this time too. However, there are only about 50,000 seats across 335 government and private medical institutes across India. As a result, one can expect great competition, with only a few making to the merit list.
If you are appearing in NEET 2022, you would have the following options to choose from after the declaration of the test’s results:

  • Enrol with a government or private institute in India, provided you score well.
  • If you don’t score well, you may choose to reappear for NEET 2020.
  • Enrol with a medical college in some other country to pursue MBBS abroad. There are some excellent options like MBBS in Russia, China, USA, UK, Ukraine, Philippines or some other country.

While a few thousands will score aptly to not even consider the last two options. For the remaining millions, the decision to choose between the two can be tough and should be a careful one. Here is an evaluation of the two options to help you choose.

Repeating NEET Next Year

To begin with, find out the exact reason for not scoring well in the first attempt:

  • Not enough time devoted per day to prepare for physics, chemistry and
  • Lack of practice and regular problem-solving.
  • Felt low many times; hence gave up too easily.
  • Confusion about the right study material.
  • No effective study plan and timetable.
  • Distraction due to some personal, family or health reason.
  • Negative attitude.

These are some of the main reasons students failing to crack NEET cite. Evaluate your situation honestly. If some temporary issues related to your health or family problems caused a distraction, but is over now, you may consider giving yourself another chance.

In case you lacked behind because of improper guidance and poor study material, you may think of repeating NEET, provided you are ready to join one of the top coaching centres in your city or outside it. If you experienced attitude problems and low confidence, you may also think of undergoing counselling with an expert.

However, the most important thing to evaluate is your own determination to clear the test. If you are just blindly following the crowd without any clear aim or intention, you may simply end up wasting another precious year of your life. Discuss your situation with your parents, well-wishers and counsellors to arrive at a decision. If you choose to repeat NEET next year, be ready for a full year of hard work, determination and time management.

Going Abroad for MBBS in 2022

Whether opting for MBBS in Georgia or some other country is a good decision or not would depend on a number of factors and considerations. Let’s find about them one by one.

  • Tuition Fees:
    Doing MBBS from a private medical institute in India may prove to be extremely expensive. You may expect to pay around 5 lakh every year. MBBS in countries like USA and UK may also be a costly affair. However, if you choose an option like MBBS in China, you can expect to pay much lower (starting 2.5 lakh per year). This is because the institutes in these countries don’t demand donations or capitation fees that are common in India.
  • Cost of Living:
    Students who opt for MBBS in Ukraine or any other similar option can expect to spend on an average INR 10,000 per month which is quite reasonable. Even the factors like your own lifestyle would not much add to the amount. Also, you can expect a decent standard of living after spending so cheap.
  • Quality:
    Many campuses across countries like China, Russia and Ukraine provide internationally recognized curriculums and excellent infrastructure. The organizations like WHO and European Council extend their approval to many of the universities offering MBBS programs at these places.
  • Exposure:
    As you would be studying at an international campus, you can expect exposure to multiple cultures and social environments. It may contribute to your personality development, especially if you are a keen learner.
  • Career:
    You may choose to work in the same country after completing your MBBS. Medical professionals are required in all parts of the world. If you perform well academically, you may seek the opportunity to settle down abroad and build a great career.

Returning to India

Prior to 2022, the Indian students pursuing MBBS abroad required to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), also called the MCI (Medical Council of India) Screening Test to become eligible for practice in India. In 2022, the examination is most likely to be merged with NEXT (National Exit Test) that would make the situation much easier for the foreign MBBS graduates. The new procedure would test both, the foreign graduates as well as the national graduates, against the same yardstick. If you pursue MBBS from a foreign country and return with good academic records and skills, there is nothing that can stop you from succeeding.

After evaluating both the options, you can take the right decision. If you choose to pursue MBBS in Kyrgyzstan or any other country, it is important to select the right university that offers:

  • Globally-approved curriculum that would instil in you the right knowledge and skills to work anywhere in the world.
  • No language issues. It is a common issue that MBBS aspirants from India face while studying in a non-English speaking country.
  • Skill-building through real training. It has been reported many times that some universities don’t allow foreign students to touch dead bodies or patients and practical learning is done using dummies.
  • Good credentials and has the approval of global medical bodies, including the MCI.

For this, you must start consulting a foreign education consultant who would not only help you choose the right university or campus, but also guide you through the process of admission, visa, documentation etc.

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