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Yash Overseas - Online Coaching for 1st Year MBBS Students

Are you a passionate medical aspirant looking to excel in your first year of MBBS?

Yash Overseas, a trusted name in foreign education consultancy since 2008, is proud to introduce our new online coaching program in partnership with Dr. Ashok Thorat.

Dr. Ashok Thorat, a renowned Liver Transplant Surgeon and former Professor at Nashik Medical College, India, brings his vast experience and expertise to guide you through the fascinating subjects of Human Anatomy and Histology. As an alumnus of China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, and currently serving as the Clinical Lead in the Liver Transplant Department at SRCC-NH Children’s Hospital, Mumbai, Dr. Thorat is dedicated to providing top-notch education to aspiring medical professionals.

Expert Medical Advisor & Counselor

Medical guide Dr. Ashok Thorat

Dr. Ashok Thorat

MBBS, DNB (Gen Surgery, Delhi)

FIASGO, Athens, Greece

Master's in Hepatic Surgery, Taiwan

Fellowship in Liver Transplantation, Taiwan

Course Highlights:

→ Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage: Our online coaching program covers the complete syllabus for 1st year MBBS students, tailored to specific country and university requirements.

→ Interactive Online Lectures: Engage in dynamic online lectures, where Dr. Ashok Thorat will take you through the intricacies of Human Anatomy and Histology. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with him directly and clarify your doubts.

→ Test Series: Assess your progress and enhance your understanding through regular test series designed to evaluate your knowledge and grasp of the subject matter.

→ Virtual Dissection: Explore the human body in a virtual environment, allowing you to visualize and understand anatomical structures with precision.

→ Relevant Surgical Anatomy: Gain insights into surgical applications by focusing on anatomical aspects crucial to various medical procedures.

→ Anatomical Quizzes: Sharpen your knowledge and retention through engaging quizzes that challenge your understanding of anatomical concepts.

Program Details:

Course Duration:

The program spans one academic year, providing you with ample time to grasp the intricacies of Human Anatomy and Histology.


→ For Yash Overseas students, the program fee is INR 30,000,

→ And for other students, it is INR 40,000.

Commencement Date:

Mark your calendars for the 15th of October 2023

Registration is now open! To secure your spot in this exceptional coaching program, call us at +91 8128280007 to complete the registration process.

At Yash Overseas, we guarantee you the best coaching experience that combines Dr. Ashok Thorat’s expertise, interactive learning, and comprehensive syllabus coverage. Prepare yourself for a successful medical career by enrolling in our online coaching program today!

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