BS Course in Philippines

Now One Year BS ( Pre – Medicine) in Philippines Shall be Online Starting

from Sep / Oct 2021. Students can study BS from their home in their respective Countries.

BS-MD in Philippines

BS Course in Philippines Syllabus


BS Course Duration in Philippines

BS course duration in Philippines varies from university to university. As per the CHED (Commission of Higher Education Department) the BS course should not be less then 12 months at any circumstances.

The Course duration of BS / AB in the most preferred Universities in Philippines for Indian students are:

University Bachelors Degree Offered Bs Course Duration
University of Perpetual help System Dalta AB psychology 12-15 months
AMA School Of Medicine BS Psychology 18 Months
South Western University BS Biology 12- 15 Months
Our Lady of Fatima University BS Biology 18 Months
Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine BS Biology 2 years
Angles University Foundation BS Biology 2 years
UV Gullas College of Medicine BS Biology 2 years
Bicol Christian College of Medicine BS Biology 2 years
Davao Medical Foundation BS Biology 2 years
Lyceum Northwestern University BS Biology 2 years

What is BS in Philippines?

BS stands for bachelor’s in science. The duration of BS course in Philippines is 1year to 18 months for Indian students depends on the university. The BS course is mandatory who wants to take admission in MD (MBBS) after 12th STD. Those who are already graduate in India with bachelor’s degree in BHMS, BAMS, BDS, B. Pharmacy, BSC in any Science subject can get admission directly in MD (MBBS) without studying BS in Philippines. Some universities offer BS, some offer AB

Frequently Asked Questions

Why there is need of BS in Philippines to get MD (MBBS) admission?

Ans:- Philippines follows US Curriculum of MD (MBBS) study

Is BS course in Philippines hard?

Ans:- No, It’s just the basic of Biology similar to 11th& 12th Std Syllabus

What if I fail in BS course?

Ans:- No one fails BS if they have passed their 12th Std in India.

What if I have done a bachelors degree in India, Do I need to do BS again in Philippines?

Ans:- No, if you are graduate in India like BHMS, BAMS, BDS, B. Pharmacy, in Science you don’t have to do BS / AB in Philippines, you can get direct admission in MD (MBBS)

Local Students also does BS course in Philippines

Ans:- They have to do 4 years of BS as they have 10 + 4(BS Degree).

Why Indian students has to do only 1-1.5 years of BS in Philippines.

Ans:- Because Indian students already completes their 12th std in PCB.

What is the passing marks in BS course in Philippines?

Ans:- Passing marks in BS course is 40- 50% depends on the university.

How many changes we get to Pass if we fail any subject in BS?

Ans:- Every subject you get 3 chances which is more than enough.

Can I change university for MD after BS?

Ans:- yes, you can change university after BS.

Does MD (MBBS) admission depend on BS marks?

Ans:- No, you just have to pass BS, almost all students pass BS easily.