Now One Year BS ( Pre – Medicine) in Philippines Shall be online starting from Sep / Oct 2021. Students can study BS from their home in their respective Countries.

MBBS Universities in Philippines No Processing Fee | On Selected Universities

The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. It is Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, it Has about 7,641 islands that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south. Manila is the biggest city with population more than 2.75 Crores.


The climate of Philippines is very similar to the climate of India so students don’t face any climate change problem .

Philippines has the tropical Climate so the diseases in Philippines are very similar to India. It enables the students to get proper clerkship and it result in good FMGE Result. Indian students don’t face any climate change problem and can adjust easily as compare to other counties.

Dr. Parth Patel

Ahmedabad Our Lady Of Fatima University Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 221/300

Dr. Atul Ahir

Rajkot, Gujarat University Of Perpetual Help System Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 214/300

Dr. Priyal Shah

Gandhinagar, Gujarat Our Lady Of Fatima University Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 212/300

Dr. Pooja Nair
Ahmedabad University Of Perpetual Help System Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 212/300
mittal sanghani
Dr. Mittal Sanghani
Jamnagar, Gujarat Our Lady Of Fatima University Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 185/300
Dr. Punit Maheta

Anand, Gujarat University Of Perpetual Help System Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 160/300

Dr. Poojan Patel
Ahmedabad Our Lady Of Fatima University Dec. 2019FMGE/MCI Score 205/300
Dr. Ashit Sheth
Ahmedabad Our Lady Of Fatima University Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 194/300
Dr. Marvi Maheshwar
Ahmedabad Our Lady Of Fatima University Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 163/300
Dr. Mitesh Katara
Ahmedabad University Of Perpetual Help System Dec. 2019 FMGE/MCI Score 150/300
Dr . Harit Patel FMGE Score 210/ 300
Dr. Harit Patel
Ama School of Medicine. FMGE Score 210/ 300
Dr. Nikunj Prajapati FMGE Score 199/300
Dr. Nikunj Prajapati

AMA school of Medicine.
FMGE Score 199/300

Dr. Krimi Patel
Our Lady of Fatima University. FMGE Score 190/300
Dr. Meet Babariya FMGE Score 187/300
Dr. Meet Babariya

AMA school of medicine.
FMGE Score 187/300

Dr. Krishna Trivedi
Our Lady of Fatima University. FMGE Score 176/300

Top Medical Universities for Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

AMA School Of Medicine

MBBS, MD or Medical education in the AMA School of Medicine leads to the MD degree which is equivalent to the MBBS degree in UK, Singapore, India and other commonwealth countries. AMA’s medical degree is recognized as equivalent to the MBBS course in India by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and students will be given a license to practise in India similar to MBBS doctors from India, after completion of licensing formalities with the MCI in India.

Our Lady Of Fatima University

More than 500 Students studying though Yash Overseas. Yash Overseas own Indian food Canteen, References available from across the world, Our students doing clinical Rotation in USA (references Available), Our students Cleared USMLE & did PG ( residency)from USA (References Available)

University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, Las Piñas Campus

University of perpetual help system (UOPH) is located in Lapinas area of Manila city in Philippines. It has acres of infrastructure and has its own hospital attached to the campus. It is a private university run by Dalta group of companies and established in 1995. It has 600 Academic staff (including non teaching staff) make it one of the biggest university in Philippines.

Emilio Aguinaldo College

Emilio Aguinaldo college of medicine 2023 fee structure (tuition fee) is as follows. Students can pay fee in installments directly to the university by swift transfer. The fee is in Philippines Pesos and the current rate is applicable. Emilio Medical University has their own hostels in the campus. Also, many private hostels are available near the university campus. Many students also like to share the rented flat nearby the university.

Bicol Christian College of Medicine

Bicol Christian College of Medicine is under AGO Medical & Educational Centre, BCCM is in Legazpi city ( Bicol), about 400 kms from Manila. Flights from Manila to Bicol cost around 1500 pesos, BCCM offer 16 months BS ( Biology ) + 4 Years MD program.

Cagayan State University
University Name Total in USD/ PHP Approx in INR
AMA school Of Medicine 12,50,000 PHP 15,62,500
University of Perpetual Help system 15,50,000 PHP 19,37,500
Our lady of Fatima University 36,000 USD 23,40,000
Bicol Christian College of Medicine 11,00,000 PHP 13,75,000
Emilio Aguinaldo college of Medicine 13,72,000 PHP 17,14,875
Lyceum Northwestern College of Medicine 12,85,000 PHP 16,06,250
Davao Medical School foundation 20,26,000

Top 15 Reasons to Choose Philippines to Study MBBS Abroad in 2024

NMAT :  This exam is the entrance exam taken by Philippines Government with the Help to CHED ( Commission of Higher education Department) to judge weather the candidate is eligible to study MD ( MBBS) .  Now Many Parents have misconception or many agents misguide them regarding NMAT Exam. There are some questions which arise in Mind while thinking about Study MBBS in Philippines and NMAT exam.

Frequently Asked Questions For MBBS in Philippines 2024-25

When & Where we have to give NMAT?

Ans :- NMAT is Conducted twice in a year 1st in March and 2nd in October. It has centers in Manila , Cebu & Davao.

Is it necessary to Pass NMAT to Get Admission in MD?

Ans :- It is necessary to appear exam but not necessary to pass The Exam to get admission in MD.

How to pass NMAT?

Ans :- The books and material are available and also Yash Overseas Provide material of NMAT to its students . University also conducts the review classes for NMAT preparations.

How Many Chances we get to Pass NMAT?
Ans :- The exam is conducted twice in a Year and hence during 6 years the Candidate can get 6 chances to clear NMAT.
How Many percentage Require to Pass NMAT?

Ans :- One need to score 40 Percentile to Pass this Exam.

What if I Don’t pass NMAT?

Ans :- You can re appear the exam in next 6 months.

How to fill the NMAT form ?

Ans :- You can fill the form online.

What is fee of NMAT exam Form ?

Ans :- The Exam fee is 1900 Pesos which can be paid online

Is NMAT tough ?

Ans :- When u can Pass NEET , then NMAT is not even 5% of NEET exam. So its not tough at all.

What is the curriculum of NMAT Exam?

Ans :- The Exam is divided into 2 parts .

  1. 1. Verbal 2. Inductive Reasoning 3. Quantitative 4. Perceptual Acuity
  2. 1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology 4. Social Science
It is written exam or MCQ type ?

Ans :- It is a MCQ type Exam.


Buses, Trains, taxis, Metros & Gypnys are widely used in Philippines for transportation. Transportation is is not costly in Philippines. All the accommodation are very closely to the universities so students usually walk. Usually students use Local Busses or Gypnys for local transportation.


MBBS Admissions Schedule in Philippines for 2024

Course Duration

Eligibility to Study MBBS in Philippines in 2024

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