AMA School of Medicine

MBBS, MD or Medical education in the AMA School of Medicine leads to the MD degree which is equivalent to the MBBS degree in UK, Singapore, India and other Commonwealth countries. AMA’s medical degree is recognized as equivalent to the MBBS course in India by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and students will be given a license to practice in India similar to MBBS doctors from India, after completion of licensing formalities with the MCI in India. Similarly, the Medical Degree from AMA is recognized as equivalent to the MBBS Degree in UK MBBS in Manila, Study MBBS in Manila by the General Medical Council in UK and the medical councils in Singapore, Australia and Gulf countries. All Degrees are recognized by the USA.

AMA International University (Bahrain): A partnership between the Kingdom of Bahrain and AMA Education System serving AMA’s programs in the Arab Region.

AMA School of Medicine is part of the AMA Education System. Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, is the founder of the Group. He has been an Ambassador of the Philippines to the Gulf Countries. He named college after the initials of his father’s name, Amable Mendoza Aguiluz V, Sr.

Great Success of AMA School of Medicine , Philippines Best Ever FMGE / MCI Result in 1st Attempt

Other Doctors Cleared MCI in first Attempt of AMA School of Medicine

  • Dr. Shubhamsaket
  • Dr. Gautamjivarajika
  • Dr. Puneet Sardana
  • Dr. Hitesh kinha
  • Dr. Shouryameyor
  • Dr. Ashish Rawat
  • Dr. Vinay Bura
  • Dr. Harit Patel
  • Dr. Rushit Shah
  • Dr. Meet Patel
  • Dr. Meet Babariya
  • Dr. Nikunj Prajapati
  • Dr. Nathan Rajan Vairavan
  • Dr. Ankush
  • Dr. Umaknt
  • Dr. Neelakshi Devi
  • Dr. Priya Jha
  • Dr. Atasi Roy
  • Dr. Satish Yadav
  • Dr. Saikat
  • Dr. Marut
  • Dr. Mohit Tiwari
  • Dr. Maria Christel Briget
  • Dr. Yudhister singh
  • Dr. Sidra kashmala
  • Dr. Rohit Saini
  • Dr. Mimansa Sharma
  • Dr. Jindal shekersingh
  • Dr. Indu
  • Dr. Akanksha gangwar
  • Dr. Prabhat Kasana
  • Dr. Shagunjain
  • Dr. Rohit Kamboj
  • Dr. Sweta Singh
  • Dr. Jemilah Sharan Gabriel
  • Dr. Jeyaraman Rajapriyan
  • Dr Tahir Farooq
  • Dr Afreen Hamid
  • Dr. Yadvendra Saini
  • Dr. Mohit Jangra
  • Dr. Hariom Pathak
  • Dr. Jitendra Jangu
  • Dr. Namita Agarwal
  • Dr. Garima Malik
  • Dr. Ramesh Fildoliya
  • Dr. Narendra Raj Gurjar
  • Dr. Chandra Prakash Gugar
  • Dr. Neetu
  • Dr. Gautam Sachdev Singhrawat
  • Dr. Alok Patra
  • Dr. Abinash Ranjan Naik
  • Dr. Komal Bagri
  • Dr. Giridharan Gunasekaran
  • Dr. Rohtashkumar
  • Dr. Arjun yadav
  • Dr. Rhea Mathew
  • Dr. Diksa Rani
  • Dr. Sharon Mophet
  • Dr Priykrit Sangwan
  • Dr Parisha Jivani
  • Dr. Solomon Rajesh Rachel Elena

Why AMA School Of Medicine

AMA School of Medicine Fees Structure 2024-25

Year BS 1 BS 2 MD 1 MD2 MD3 MD 4 Total
Fee in PHP 3,00,000 2,00,000 2,50,000 2,50,000 1,50,000 1,00,000 12,50,000
Fee in INR 3,75,000 2,50,000 3,12,500 3,12,500 1,50,000 1,25,000 15,62,500

Advantages of AMA Over Other Universities

AMA School of Medicine Other Universities in Philippines
AMA offers BS degree for Pre Medical Others offer B.A. Degree
Only College where you can do BS (Pre Medical) in one year. BS takes a minimum of 1.5 to 2 years.
BS + MD complete duration is 5 years. BS +MD duration is 5.5 to 6 years.
Only AMA offers internship as a part of BS Syllabus (Our students have interned in Companies like Cognizant Technology Solutions, Hospitals, etc.) No Internship in BA. Only theory.
Only AMA guarantees you a seat in MD (MBBS) after successful completion of BS. No guarantee of seat in MD (MBBS) after BA.
Only AMA mentions of admission in MD after BS in its admission letter. Admission letter mention only admission to BA.
Only appearance in NMAT is necessary for admission to MD. 40 percentile necessary in NMAT for admission to MD(MBBS), if students gets below, he/she is refused admission in MD(MBBS).
Scholarships are provided to 30% of the class, so as to create an atmosphere of learning. No Scholarships.
Hospital visit starts from first year of MD. Hospital visit in Last year.
Indian Food is available May not be available
In Campus Accommodation in AMA-Cavite Most don’t have In campus Accommodation

Food Arrangement

A hungry & unsatisfied stomach can’t study or concentrate. Food is very important while you studying a course like MBBS.

Yash Overseas has a tie-up with Mr. Sanjay who has canteen and Tiffin service for the students in AMA.

We provide pure vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you wish, the Tiffin will be delivered at your room.

Many Gujarati & Rajasthan students are there and are happy with the taste and quality of the food.


The Laboratory is the backbone of any medical college and AMA has well equipped in house laboratory for practical experience on cadaver and other species.

Practical experience is an essential part of your journey to earning your MBBS designation. A very good practical experience will definitely help the students to clear all the exams, like USMLE, MCI and other university examinations. “More practical experience more results”


AMA has well furnished Air condition classrooms with not more than 35 students in a batch. AMA has a one to one practical based education learning system which help students to interact more and more with their educators and solve their many doubts as many as they have.

MCI (FMGE) Coaching

The MCI screening test coaching is given by the experienced faculties from Delhi who visits there for 3 months every year. All students would get this facility for 4 years from 2nd year onwards. Also as per the records from the various MCI coaching centers Philippines tops amongst all the countries in MCI clearing.

Hostel (Accommodation facilities)

Yash overseas has its own hostel just 10 min walks from the campus. We have a proper management looking after the hostel and students day to day activity.


We Have to Following Facilities

Program Structure for BSMD Course

BS Curriculum First Trimester
Subject Area Cat No Course Title Lecture Unit(s) Lab Unit(s) Unit(s) Pre-Requisites
PSYC 101 General Psychology 3 0 3  
PSYC 101 General Psychology 3 0 3  
COMP 101 Knowledge Work Software and Presentation Skills 2 1 3  
NSCI 101 General Chemistry 3 1 4  
PSYC 201 Developmental Psychology 3 0 3 cor. PSYC-101
PSYC 110 Psychological Statistics 4 1 5 cor. PSYC 101
PSYC 311 Theories of Personalities 3 0 3 cor. PSYC-201
BS Curriculum Second Trimester
Subject Area Cat No Course Title Lecture Unit(s) Lab Unit(s) Unit(s) Pre-Requisites
PSYC 202 Psychology Elective 1: Learning and Cognitive Psychology 3 0 3 PSYC 101
PSYC 211 Social Psychology 3 0 3 PSYC-311
PSYC 321 Experimental Psychology 3 2 5 cor. PSYC-202; PSYC-311
PSYC 213 Psychology Elective 2: Principles of Guidance and Counseling 3 0 3 PSYCH 101
PSYC 341 Psychological Assessment 3 2 5 cor. PSYC-321 PSYC-311
BS Curriculum Third Trimester
Subject AreaCat NoCourse TitleLecture Unit(s)Lab Unit(s)Unit(s)Pre-Requisites
PSYC401Research in Psychology 1303PSCY-311
PSYC331Psychology Elective 3: Filipino Psychology303PSYC 101
PSYC212Psychology Elective 4: Group Dynamics303PSYC 213
PSYC203Psychology Elective 5: Physiological Psychology303PSYC 321
PSYC301Psychology Elective 6: Industrial Psychology303PSYC 321
PSYC402Research in Psychology 2303cor. PSYC 401
PSYC421Practicum in Psychology (minimum of 250 hrs)606Graduating
  Total Acedemic Unit  70