USMLE, MBBS in Philippines

What is USMLE

USMLE full form is United States Medical Licensing Examination. It is conducted in 3 phases i.e., Step1, Step2 which has further two sub parts CK & CS and then finally Step 3.

The exam is to check the physician’s ability of patient handling skills, in dept knowledge of Medical Science that are important in health and disease. USMLE is the 7th toughest exam in the world and clearing USMLE leads to the licensing in USA for Post-graduation studies in medical science.

USMLE Exam procedure : The following chart helps you to understand the USMLE exam procedure.

USMLE-Exam, Study MBBS in Philippines

USMLE Exam Fees.

USMLE step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 fees varies for different countries. Students usually ask us How much does USMLE exam cost

The following chart will help you to get the proper idea about the fees of USMLE in each step.

  STEP 1 & STEP 2 CK Step 3
  For students of USA & Canada For students outside USA & Canada All countries students
Fee $ 645 of each Exam $ 975 each exam $ 895
Eligibility Period extension fee $ 50 $ 50

The above table shows the USMLE exam price in USD. The fees can be changed every year as the governing body decision.         

USMLE Exam Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility criteria of USMLE exam varies from step to step. USMLE exam eligibility criteria for Indian students are as given below.

Step 1 & Step 2 CK

  • Any medical Student must be enrolled in / graduate from any medical school from US or Canadian medical school program and that is accredited by LCME (Liaison committee on medical education)
  • A medical student must be enrolled in / graduate from any medical school from USA or Canadian medical school program, leading to the DO degree that is accredited by the (COCA) commission on Osteopathic college accreditation
  • Any Medical student must be enrolled in / graduate from our side USA and Canada but must be listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools which meets the ECFMG eligibility criteria.

Step 3

Eligibility for USMLE exam Step 3 are as follows

  • The candidate must pass Step 1 & Step 2 CK
  • The candidate must have obtained the MD degree or the DO degree from an USA or Canadian medical school accredited by LCME or COCA
  • The candidate must have obtained MD or MBBS degree from the medical school outside of USA and Canada and that medical school must be accredited by world directory of medical schools and ECFMG

USMLE Exam Duration

USMLE exam Step 1 duration is seven blocks of 60 minutes each and one 8-hour testing session. It is basically one day examination

Total Question asked in all 7 blocks not more than 280. One block approx. 40 questions but it may vary exam to exam.

UMLE Exam Step 2 CK duration is eight blocks of 60 minutes each and one 9-hour testing session. It is also a one-day examination.

Total question asked in all 8 blocks not more than 318. One block approx. 40 questions but it may carry exam to exam.

USMLE Exam Step 3 duration is two-day examination.

Day 1 :  the first day has 6 blocks of 60 minutes each and 38-39 questions in each block and total questions in 6 blocks doesn’t exceed 232 questions. The total duration on 1st day is 7 hours including 45 minutes break. If any student finishes the exam in each block before the given time the break times increases accordingly.

Day 2 : the second day has 6 blocks of 45 minutes each and 30 questions in each block and total question in 6 blocks doesn’t exceed 180 questions. The total duration on 2nd day is 9 hours including 45 minutes break.

USMLE Step 1 Subjects / Syllabus

There are 10 subjects in UMSLE step 1, The following table explains weightage on each subject.

Subjects Range, %
Pathology 44–52
Physiology 25–35
Pharmacology 15–22
Biochemistry & Nutrition 14–24
Gross Anatomy & Embryology 11–15
Microbiology 10–15
Immunology 6–11
Histology & Cell Biology 8–13
Behavioural Sciences 8–13
Genetics 5–9

USMLE Exam Pattern:

USMLE exam 1, Step 2 CK and Step 3 is a Multiple-choice question (MCQ’s) type exam but the level increases with the steps.

 USMLE how many attempts:

USMLE Exam each Step allows maximum 6 attempts including incomplete attempts. 

USMLE pass Rate / Score:

At least 60 % right answer is required to pass the USMLE exam in each step.


USMLE exam can be dome after MBBS also. The student must have a MBBS degree from the medical university accredited by world directly of medical school and ECFMG.

USMLE Exam in India:

Students can give Step 1 and Step 2 CK exam in India at the authorized exam centers. The exam centers change for each exam.  Step 3 the candidate has to go to USA for the examination.

USMLE Exam Preparation:

USMLE Step1 preparation can be done by the notes of Yash Overseas, for Step 2 and Step three it is highly recommendable to join the special coaching institute like Kaplan, Mist and other.

USMLE Exam Preparation Books

USMLE exam Preparation books & USMLE exam practice questions, Many USMLE exam papers also available in PDF format with Yash overseas for your students. The following material is available in PDF with Yash Overseas.

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USMLE Philippines:

Philippines Medical Universities follows US curriculum as Philippines was the US colony till 1950. 10% of the doctors in USA are Philippines graduates. Many of Yash overseas students who completed their MBB (MD) from Philippines did clear USMLE and now practicing in USA after their PG. The Following universities are the listed in world directory of medical schools and accredited by ECFMG are the best if your aim is USMLE.

  • University of perpetual help system dalta
  • Our lady of Fatima university
  • Emilio Aguinaldo college of Medicine
  • AMA school of Medicine

Students can do USMLE step 1 preparations themselves during their MD study with the help of Yash Overseas e-material, while student can join Kaplan in Manila for the USMLE step 2 examination preparations. Once these two steps clear student can go to USA for Step 3 preparation and exam.

USMLE step 1 result of our student with self-study during her MD (MBBS). She has cleared in 1st attempt without any coaching.



Que: USMLE step 1 total marks

Ans: 280 marks

Que: USMLE step 1 exam dates:

Ans: Exam dates are available on the official USMLE website.

Que: USMLE step 1 how many questions

Ans: 280 questions

Que: USMLE Step 1 Pass fail

Ans: 60% correct answers required to pass

Que: What kind of questions are asked in USMLE step 1

Ans: MCQ’s from the 10 subjects mentioned above

Que: What percentage of step 1 is microbiology?

Ans: 10-15 %

Que: Is USMLE an MCQ?

Ans: yes, it is a MCQ exam.

Que: How do I prepare for anatomy for USMLE step 1?

Ans: E-material and Videos are enough to prepare for USMLE step 1

Que: What is the best USMLE question bank?

Ans: Kaplan question bank is the best for USMLE

Que: Is it easy to pass USMLE?

Ans: No, It is very tough exam and considered as the 7th toughest exam in the world.

Que: Where can I find USMLE questions?

Ans: Kaplan question bank, Yash overseas question bank

Que: How much does it cost to take the Usmle?

Ans: USMLE Step1 & Step 2 CK cost $ US 940 & Step 2 CS cost $ US 1580

Que: Is there age limit for Usmle?

Ans: No age limit.

Que: How long does it take to pass Usmle?

Ans: Step 1 and step 2 can be done during your MBBS study while STEP 3 takes 1 year

Que: Can I write Usmle after MBBS?

Ans: yes you can.

Que: Can I work in USA without Usmle?

Ans: NO not as resident docotor

Que: What countries accept Usmle?

Ans: USA, UAE, Qatar, New Zealand, Israel,

Que: Is Step 3 required for residency?

Ans: Yes of course

Que: Is Usmle easy than NEET PG?

Ans: Both exam has different aspects. USMLE is more into clinical so it is hard than NEET PG

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