Krok Exam in Ukraine

Krok Exam in UK

KROK Exam for MBBS students in Ukraine:

KROK exam is conducted by testing center of ministry of health of Ukraine. Krok exam is very importantExam for students doing MBBS in Ukraine. It is also termed as a licensing examination to get the MBBS Degree. This KROK exam in Ukraine is mandatory not only for Medical Students but Dentistry and Pharmacy students also have to go through KROK exam. KROK Exam is conducted in Russia, English & Ukrainian language. The KROK exam has been has 2 parts Viz KROK 1 & KROK2.

KROK 1: Students has to clear KROK 1 Exam after the completion of 3rd year MBBS (MD) which is also considered as the entry to 4th year of MBBS (MD)
KROK 2: Students has to clear the KROK2 exam after the completion of 6th year of MBBS (MD) to get the MD degree.

Advantages & disadvantages of KORK Exam in Ukraine:

KROK exam enable students to prepare for FMGE/ Exit Exam as it is a revision of entire MBBS syllabus. The FMGE passing ratio of Ukraine has raised at an alarming rate due to the KROK exam. So KROK exam is the advantages to Indian students studying MBBS in Ukraine. There is no such disadvantage of KROK exam for MBBS students in Ukraine. In fact, it helps students to prepare for the FMGE exam which is very important exam for Indian students doing MBBS abroad. FMGE is the licensing exam in India to become the registered medical practitioner in India. Also, there is no negative marking for wrong answer in KROK exam.

krok exam in Ukraine questions and answers pdf

Yash Overseas has KROK exam in Ukraine questions and answers in PDF of last 10 years. Yash Overseas provides to its students so they can prepare it well.
We also have following krok 1 &krok 2 study material for the references.
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KROK exam schedule in 2023 / 2024

KROK exam Ukraine 2023 and 2024 dates are out there on their official websites
For more information please visit Krok exam official website.

Syllabus of KROK Exam 2023

KROK exam has been divided into two parts i.e., KROK 1 & KROK 2. Following is the list of Subject with number of questions asked from particular subject in KROK 1 exam

KROK 1 Exam Subjects No of questions
Biological chemistry29
Path Physiology25
Human Anatomy25
Path Morphology31
Microbiology, Virology & Immunology13
Histology, cytology & Embryology11
Total questions in KROK1 Exam200
KROK 2 Exam Subjects No of questions
Hygiene & Health Care Organisation34
Obstetrics and Gynaecology34
Total Questions in KROK 2 Exam200

Kork Exam in Ukraine during MD ( MBBS) in simple presentation

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Is Krok Exam tough/ hard?

Ans: KROK exam is 100 times easy than FMGE / MCI exam. It is the from the MBBS syllabus only which student study in entire 5.8 years of MBBS course in Ukraine.

What is the KROK exam Pattern?

Ans: KROK exam is an exam of MCQ’s. KROK 1 & KROK 2 has 200 questions each. 1 mark for right answer and no negative marking for wrong answer.

What is the duration of KROK exam in Ukraine?

Ans: KROK 1 exam duration is 3 hours and 20 mins. While KROK 2 exam duration is also 3 hours and 20 mins

What are the passing marks of KROK Exam?

Ans: KROK 1 & KROK 2 has 60.5 % i.e., student has to score 121 marks out of 200 marks to pass KROK exam for MBBS in Ukraine.

How many attempts students get to clear KROK exam in Ukraine?

Ans: Both KROK1 & KROK2 has two attempts for every student as the ministry of health of Ukraine.

What is the KROK exam Schedule

Ans: KROK 1 usually held in 2nd week of September every year and KROK 2 exam held in 1st– 3rd week of June month

How to prepare for KROK exam?

KROK exam syllabus is based on the MD (MBBS) syllabus in Ukraine so students don’t need to prepare anything extra rather than the proper study of their course material is enough to crack the KROK exam in one go. If they want University help them for practice session for KROK preparations and also many other study material is available at university library.

How many questions in Krok ?

There are total 200 MCQ (Multiple Choice questions) in each Krok Exam 1 & 2 and the duration is 3 hour and 20 minutes each exam.

Are Krok questions repeated?

Yes. Almost 70% questions repeats over the years. Our 10 years question bank is very useful for the students

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