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“Don’t just pick a place, pick a future, study MBBS in Kazan State Medical University”

The Kazan State Medical University is a multifunctional and multileveled state institution of higher education in Medicine, located in the central part of city Kazan, a city in southwest Russia. The university was founded in 1814 and is a federal university that functions on the basis of self governance. The university belongs to the system of higher education and scientific research of the ministry of health of Russia, which is the 3rd best university in Russia, as stated by ARES ranking. The reputation and achievement of the Kazan State Medical University is manifest from its 33rd ranking among all medical & non-medical universities and ranked on 16th among medical schools of the Russian Federation. The considerable success of the Kazan State Medical University is an outcome of 200 years of endeavors to set a new level of medical education in Russia. And in 2014, the university created two more faculties for international students and biomedical faculty and open up the country doors for students aspired to study MBBS in Russia. The university welcomes all students coming from another country to study MBBS in Russia, regardless of religion and nationality. Till the date, the Kazan State medical University has trained 24000+ students, including foreign students from 49 different countries and currently has 800+ students being Indians are studying MBBS in Russia. In order to deliver outstanding education, the university has employed adept professors, scientists and doctors.

The university is equipped with all the required equipment and facility to deliver the utmost level of medical education, including 58 advanced lecture halls, laboratories with DVD, computers, Television, projectors, scanners, printers, video cameras and copy machine and libraries with huge collection of scientific books to help students get better their knowledge in a medical field. Further, to empower practical knowledge for students coming to study MBBS in Russia, the Kazan state medical university has 54 different units of the ministry of health of the Republic Tatarstan. Further, the university has the highest number of general hospitals with the total capacity of 9000+ beds, including 4500 therapeutic, 2100 pediatric, 1500 surgical and 440 gynecological beds.

The Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russia works with below mentioned objectives for the betterment of students:

  • To offer education programs supporting individuals in the free development
  • To offer standard education to each coming student despite of nationality, religion and political status
  • To develop competent and confident students who can handle all the aspects of their profession successfully
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